The Cost of Root Canal Treatment

Here at Rockefeller Cosmetic Dentistry, we understand that the term “root canal” has historically been associated with severe pain. Regardless of whether or not a patient has had a pleasant root canal experience, the procedure has continuously failed to shake it’s bad reputation. In turn, we have decided to use this forum to present you with a different perspective on root canal treatment.

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Myth Busted

Technology is ever-evolving, right? The same concept holds true for dental technology, too. Over the years, advancements in dental technology have made root canal treatment much different than it used to be. Though others may be stuck on it’s painful reputation, you can rest assured that root canal treatment is now a comparatively simple and painless procedure. In combination with the latest technology, our expertise here at Rockefeller Cosmetic Dentistry  adds to the simplicity of the root canal procedure.

What Is Root Canal?

In case you weren’t sure of  root canal treatment’s purpose, we’ll explain. Essentially, root canal treatment saves your original tooth/teeth. An infection in the root of the tooth often causes severe pain and inflammation. Root canal treatment sets out to relieve that pain and inflammation without extracting the infected tooth/teeth. The doctor who specializes in such treatment goes into the infected part of the tooth called “pulp,” the center of the tooth that consists of nerves, blood vessels, and connective tissues. The doctor first removes the infected pulp — then cleans, fills, and seals the tooth to send it on the road to infection-free recovery.

To learn about the common causes of Dental Pulp Disease, read this article.

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Root Canal Cost

The cost of root canal differs from patient to patient. Right off the bat, a patient’s situation largely correlates to the expense of the treatment. If the patient needs root canal on more than one tooth, the cost increases. In addition, the type of tooth must be taken into consideration. What does that mean? To put it simply, anterior teeth and posterior teeth present a cost difference.  Posterior teeth (molars) tend to have 3-4 roots, where anterior teeth (front teeth) typically have one root. The treatment for a molar will cost more than the treatment of a tooth with a single root.

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Root Canal Alternatives

The alternatives to root canal include but are not limited to extraction, ozone gas, and natural remedies.

Extraction – Extracting the infected tooth completely eliminates the need for root canal treatment. Extraction will ultimately require tooth replacement of some kind, i.e.: implant, bridge, partial denture.

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Ozone Gas – Ozone gas serves to ‘flood’ the root cavity in attempt to kill the bacteria.

Natural Remedies – Eating healthier foods and eliminating foods that are high in sugars, preservatives, etc. can aid in maintaining healthy teeth. This alternative is solely a preventative alternative.

Saving the original tooth through root canal is ultimately the most cost effective option.

Recapping The Process 

  • Endodontist consult
  • Confirmation that root canal is needed
  • Confirmation of which teeth need treatment
  • Discussion of insurance / Out of pocket expense
  • Treatment performed
  • Goodbye pain, infection, and discomfort

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