What Is A Dental Bridge?

Basically, a dental bridge is a crown secured on either side by two crowns placed on adjacent, filed down teeth. Dental bridges consist of two main parts: anchor crowns and pontics (artificial teeth). The anchor crowns affix to abutment teeth (existing adjacent teeth or bridge-supporting implants) which are bound to the pontic or pontics between them.

A dental bridge can have up to two pontics, depending on the space of the gap — or number of missing teeth — between your existing teeth. These pontics can be made of a variety of materials including gold, alloys, porcelain, or a combination of the three. The abutment teeth can also be replaced, if they are too deteriorated to support the bridge, with dental implants.

What Does A Dental Bridge Treatment Involve?

Dental bridge design involves several integrated steps to put your smile back together.

At your first appointment, your dentist precisely reshapes the neighboring teeth to hold a bridge. Your cosmetic dentist makes a model of your teeth to send to our specialty lab for the custom construction of your bridge. You’ll wear a temporary bridge to protect the exposed abutments and gums during the creation phase of your permanent bridge.

After about two weeks, you return to our office to receive your new bridge. Your dentist removes the temporary bridge and checks your new bridge for a perfect fit. Once you and your dentist are satisfied with the final product, we permanently cement the porcelain or metal bridge.

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