Rare Dental Cases

Rare Dental Cases

For most people, a trip to the dentist typically calls for something simple. The top five reasons for scheduled dental visits are proven to be cleanings, fillings, extractions, bridges and implants, and Invisalign consultations. Other dental needs include, but are not limited to, crowns and caps, veneers, teeth whitening, gum surgery,

Dental Cleanings: Step-By-Step

Dental Cleanings: Step-By-Step

Some of us who attend regular dental cleanings do not know much about the dental cleaning process. We may have a concept of the different steps, as well as our favorite and least favorite parts throughout, but we are not aware of what each step is doing for our teeth.

What To Expect During Your First Few Weeks With Invisalign.

Having an unsightly smile can affect your everyday life and self-confidence. The last thing you would want is to have visible metal to make your smile even more noticeable. With Invisalign, that is the last of your worries. Invisalign is the “clear” alternative to metal braces that will straighten your smile! It is important to follow the set instructions and guidelines given by our dental professionals in order for the treatment to be effective.

What To Do If You Have Dental Anxiety

Do you suffer from fear or anxiety when it comes to visiting the dentist? If you do, you are not alone. In fact, studies show that approximately 30 to 40 million Americans avoid seeing the dentist because of anxiety or fear. Something interesting, however, was discovered when the general public was asked the question,

Charcoal Whitening Vs. Gel Whitening

Teeth whitening has become a very popular trend these days and you have probably done all of your research to find the most effective at-home method. Well, with so many to choose from how do you know which is best for you? Two of the more popular at-home whitening methods are gel whitening kits and the most buzz-worthy discovery,

When Are Veneers Needed?

If you are unhappy with your unsightly smile, you are not alone. Several people are unhappy with their smile, whether it be because of damage, the color or even the shape of their teeth. The last thing we want here at Rockefeller Cosmetic Dentistry, is for you to be hiding your smile. We utilize the latest dental technologies to ensure efficient results that will have you smiling confidently!

Radiation On Dental X-Rays

When patients are told they have to get an x-ray done, the immediate question that comes to mind is “is it harmful to my body?” Any type of x-ray does give off radiation which, with increased exposure, can be harmful to the body, but the question is, how much is too much? There is no need to worry,

What Is Digital Dentistry?

With technology continuously changing and advancing, dental offices are converting their practices to 3D printing techniques and straying away from traditional dentistry. Digital dentistry is any kind of dental equipment or technology that utilizes any form of computer-based components rather than older electronic or mechanical approaches.

Here at Rockefeller Cosmetic Dentistry,

Take Home Whitening Vs. In-Office Whitening – Which Is Best For Me?

Everyone wants a whiter and brighter smile, and the growing demand has created so many options to whiten your teeth. Between toothpastes, gels, at home kits and in-office whitening, your options are limitless. But the real question is which option is most effective?

When it comes to take home whitening kits there are several factors to take into account when choosing the proper one.