_Uses of Laser Dentistry_

Uses Of Laser Dentistry

Laser equipment has taken on the role of many traditional dental tools, expediting and easing the process of restoring your teeth and smile to their natural beauty. The uses of lasers in cosmetic dental procedures range from tissue shaping during crown lengthening procedures to reattaching gum tissue in the LANAP® procedure to complete laser gum therapy.

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LANAP® Laser Gum Therapy

LANAP® laser treatment kills the disease-causing bacteria surrounding the teeth while removing diseased gum tissue and reattaching the healthy tissue to the root of the tooth, which seals off pockets and gaps at the gumline where bacteria can hide. LANAP® is the least invasive and most precise way to treat gum disease, and boasts fast healing time, the ability to save teeth that otherwise might be lost to gum disease, and a much higher rate of restoring and ensuring long-term gum health. Learn more at our LANAP® laser gum therapy page.


PerioLase is a dental laser that was specifically designed for LANAP® laser gum therapy with specialized features incorporated into its design to treat soft gum tissue. PerioLase is the most widely used dental laser and the first to incorporate digital technologies into laser gum treatment, revolutionizing the entire process.

With PerioLase treatment, there is no cutting or stitches involved. This makes for faster healing time and a minimization of post-treatment bleeding and swelling. If you have gingivitis or gum disease that needs treatment beyond scaling and root planing, PerioLase therapy can be an extremely effective and far less invasive option than traditional gum surgery.


WaterLase© is a combination of water/air spray and leading-edge laser wavelength technology that can cut and shape gum tissue without generating any vibrations, pressure, or heat – all of which are unavoidable with a drill. Waterlase also allows for extreme accuracy – more precision in laser gum therapy than ever before. What’s more, the laser pulses of Waterlase© are too fast for your neurons to properly respond, and no vibrations and heat mean no pain or discomfort, making WaterLase© the ideal treatment for patients who experience nervousness or anxiety about dental procedures or fear of dental drills. WaterLase© can be used in root canal therapy, preparation of cavities for fillings and restorations, removal of decay prior to fillings, and an array of procedures involving cosmetic dental design.


Advantages Of Laser Dentistry

Our dental lasers are used to remove or shape gum tissue, and have several advantages over traditional treatment. What’s more, they are helping to remove the stigma around routine dental procedures that have traditionally been known to be deeply uncomfortable, meaning more patients are flocking to our doors and taking better care of their dental health as a result!

_Advantages of Laser Dentistry_

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