Why do teeth break?

Although oftentimes the case is general tooth decay, there’s a variety of reasons your teeth might weaken, crack, or break. Old fillings deteriorating over time, grinding your teeth at night, over- and under-bites causing uneven stress on teeth, and aging all contribute to the slow weakening of your teeth. Sometimes, dental trauma (like falling or being hit) will instantly cause a crack or break — consult one of our emergency dentists immediately if this happens to you.

What Is The Process For Inserting A Crown?

Getting your crown placed will typically involve two appointments at our dental office in Midtown.

At your first visit, the dentist reviews a full mouth series of x-rays to determine your gum condition, root stability, and any hidden cracks in your teeth. After comfortably numbering the area with a local anesthetic, your dentist carefully reshapes your tooth for the proper fitting of a crown. If a significant portion of your tooth is missing, your dentist uses a bonded resin to add critical support under your crown.

Next, your dentist takes an impression of the reshaped tooth and the teeth that bite against it. We send these impressions to a lab so they can craft your new crown. We make a temporary crown that’s cemented over your prepared tooth.

In 2-3 weeks, you return for your second visit and your new crown. After removing your temporary crown, we check the fit and appearance of your permanent crown. Within a few minutes, your new crown is cemented, and you’re ready to enjoy it right away!

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