Pain Free Dentistry

Screen Shot 2559-01-15 at 1.44.27 AMDental anxiety isn’t the only reason to use one of the forms of sedation dentistry. Even despite recent advancements in dental technologies, some procedures can still be quite painful to endure, especially for patients with a low threshold for pain. That’s why a variety of options are available to help ease you, the patient, through the process of getting your new smile.


Our Manhattan cosmetic dentists care about your comfort and happiness while in the chair. One of the most common ways we help facilitate your procedure is through the use of Nitrous Oxide, commonly known as “Laughing Gas.”


What is Nitrous Oxide



Nitrous oxide is a sedative agent used in dental practices to help the patient relax through inhaling a mixture of oxygen and nitrous oxide through a small facemask. Proven to be both safe and effective at treating anxiety and mild pain in patients, this “sedation” dentistry method actually keeps the patient in a conscious, yet relaxed state.


Nitrous oxide is not intended to put the patient to sleep. Patients under nitrous oxide sedation can still hear and respond to their dentist’s requests and directions. They will be asked to breathe normally, through the nose, in order for the sedation to take affect. After a few minutes, patients are expected to begin to feel the effects of the gas.


Effects include feeling lightheaded, tingling in extremities (arms and legs), heaviness of limbs, and an overall relaxed and comfortable euphoria of sorts. These effects only last a few minutes after the mask is removed and normal oxygen flow returns to the patient.


Who Should NOT Receive Nitrous Oxide Sedation?

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  1. Those with fears of or disabilities preventing the wearing of masks cannot receive this form of sedation.
  2. Some psychiatric patients, including those with schizophrenia, would be adversely affected by nitrous oxide.
  3. Those with known sensitivities (something of an allergy) to nitrous oxide cannot receive treatment this way.
  4. Patients who also suffer from lung defects, diseases, or having trouble breathing normally should also consult their primary physician before use of nitrous oxide.


Consult Your Dentist to See If Nitrous Oxide is Right for You!

Is nitrous oxide right for me?Don’t let the fear of pain stop you from taking care of that beautiful smile of yours! Consult one of our qualified, Ivy League trained midtown dentists to see if Nitrous Oxide can help you experience a more pain free dental appointment. Call Rockefeller Cosmetic Dentistry at (212) 581-1091 or visit our free dental consultation page to sign up for our next available appointment.