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dental trauma


Dental injuries usually result from accidents or from sports-related injuries. The most common dental injury is a chipped or cracked tooth, but occasionally a tooth may completely dislodge and fall out. Any dental injury should be examined and evaluated by a general dentist or an endodontist right away.


Sometimes the extent or severity of dental injuries are not visible right away, and often times neighboring teeth may have been harmed. These kinds of injuries can often only be detected by a professional dental exam and in some cases, an X-ray.


Treatment injuries that result from dental trauma varies depending on the kind of injury, the severity of the injury, and the location of the injury within the mouth.


We have endodontists – dentists who specialize in treating dental trauma – on staff who will use the latest dental technologies to diagnose and treat your dental injury – often saving your injured teeth.


We fit emergency patients in as quickly as possible, so if you chipped, cracked or lost a tooth, or if you suffered trauma to the mouth and/or teeth and are unsure of the extent of your injury, call us at (212) 581-1091 to be seen today.


Components of a Tooth:

Components of a toothIn order to accurately assess the damage caused by dental trauma, it’s important to first understand the different parts of a tooth’s anatomy. In the image below, each component is clearly labeled. Refer to this image as you browse the types of dental trauma.