LANAP® Laser Gum Therapy

LANAP® Laser Gum Therapy in New York City & Manhattan

LANAP® Laser Gum Therapy

LANAP® Laser Gum TherapyGum disease is not uncommon. In fact, millions of Americans live with some degree of gum disease every day. The early stages often do not produce severe symptoms, but merely present as irritations (like sensitive gums or gums that bleed during brushing and flossing). While these symptoms may not seem like they require urgent treatment, if you are experiencing any form of irritation or gum pain, it is important to have your gums evaluated by a periodontist in order to stop gum disease in its tracks.


The earlier gum disease is caught, the better. When gum disease is left alone, it can advance into more severe symptoms, and potentially affect your health. In fact, studies have linked gum disease to many serious health complications like heart disease, diabetes, and low birth weight.


Eliminate the Fear of Gum Surgery

LANAP® Laser Gum Therapy - no cut, no sew, no fearMany people with gum disease avoid the dentist because of fear of painful or uncomfortable experiences. These fears are not unfounded – traditionally, gum disease treatments involved cutting the gums to remove the diseased tissue. These treatments are invasive and often painful.


However, advances in modern technology have revolutionized gum disease treatment using dental lasers. Laser treatment for gum disease is beneficial over traditional gum surgery in every way. Laser gum treatment is minimally invasive and does not involve any cutting or sewing and lasers are capable of extreme precision.  LANAP®  (Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure) using the PerioLase® MVP-7™ dental laser is one of these laser dental treatments.


What does LANAP® Laser Treatment Do?

LANAP® Laser Gum TherapyLANAP® laser treatment kills the disease-causing bacteria surrounding the teeth while removing diseased gum tissue and reattaching the healthy tissue to the root of the tooth, which seals off pockets and gaps at the gumline where bacteria can hide. LANAP® is the least invasive and most precise way to treat gum disease, and boasts fast healing time, the ability to save teeth that otherwise might be lost to gum disease, and a much higher rate of restoring and ensuring long-term gum health.


Benefits of LANAP® Laser Treatment

Benefits of Laser Gum Therapy

  • Minimally Invasive – Unlike traditional gum surgery, LANAP® does not involve incisions or sutures.
  • No Pain – Laser gum treatment removes diseased gum tissue painlessly, and helps the body to heal itself naturally. Not only is the treatment comfortable, but post-treatment discomfort is minimal also.
  • Fast Healing – LANAP® assists the gums in reattaching to the teeth – the first stage in healing. Most LANAP® patients can return to their daily routines right away.
  • Saves Teeth – LANAP® often allows patients to keep teeth that would not be able to be saved by traditional gum surgery.
  • Tissue regeneration – LANAP® is the only gum disease treatment that has been scientifically proven through clinical trials to not only remove diseased tissue, but stimulate and assist the body to regenerate both bone and gum tissue.
  • Safety – Laser gum surgery does not involve the risks associated with any kind of incisions, and does not interfere with any other conditions or medications.
  • Regeneration of Bone – LANAP® is the only protocol that is scientifically proven to regenerate bone tissue around teeth.


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